Boxing Gloves Raja

Apr 25, 2023

Top Quality Boxing Gloves Raja genuine leather.

Raja Boxing is an authentic brand of martial arts equipment. Produced in Thailand handmade equipment for fighters. 
High-quality Boxing gloves made for hard training. The best boxing shop in USA - Fight Trade Store. Buy boxing gloves online shop in Miami. 

Authentic Thai Boxing Brand Raja for Martial Arts.

Raja boxing gloves review.

  1. Glove sizes in ounces from 6 ounces to 20 ounces.
  2. Boxing gloves for light weight boxers and heavy weight fighters.
  3. Boxing gloves made of genuine leather and semi-leather.
  4. In the Fight Trade Store boxing equipment store, only genuine leather gloves are available.

Compare Raja boxing gloves with other Thai glove brands: Twins Special, Top King Boxing, Fairtex.
For example we will consider the model of gloves Raja Boxing Gloves RBGV-1A Black Muay Thai.

  1. Raja Boxing gloves are medium in foam padding.
  2. Unlike Fiartex gloves, Raja gloves are more voluminous.
  3. But the volume of the Raja gloves is smaller than the Top King Boxing gloves.
  4. Each factory has its own technology for creating foam and padding for gloves inside.
    Therefore, all models of gloves are different from each other.
  5. This model of gloves is designed for Thai boxing.
  6. The fit of the Raja gloves on the hand is soft and not tight.
  7. There is no feeling of clenching the fist of the hand inside.
  8. Top King Boxing and Twins Special gloves with a very tight fit on the inside of the hand.