Shin guard guide Revgear

Feb 01, 2024

Сhoose a shin guard for Muay Thai from Revgear.

Shin guards in Muay Thai are very important to protect the shin.
The Thai kick is powerful. And requires a more of protection while sparring.
Shin is well padded on the front, with a little coverage on the sides. Official shop gear Revgear - Fight Trade Store!

Revgear Original Thai the best Muay Thai shin guard.

  • Well-padded instep protector with the ankles protected;
  • Muay Thai shin guard have a thick elastic underfoot fastener;
  • Underfoot does not cover the ball of the foot;
  • Achilles elastic fastener to hold it on securely;
  • Original Thai Shin Guards from Revgear;
  • Lightweight Shin Guards and heavy-duty protection;
  • Authentic Muay Thai Shin Guard made by world famous Thai-based manufacturer;
  • The classic Thai designs, these also feature “no metal” Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop straps to the back;
  • Three-panel tough Syntec Leather construction;
  • Ideal when training Muay Thai, Kickboxing or for MMA Sparring;
  • Sizing is distinctly western for the European and US market;
  • Authentic, made in Thailand;
  • Quality Syntec Leather construction;
  • Sturdy protective foam core front;
  • Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop straps;
  • If you’re a Muay Thai or kickboxing practitioner these are the shin guards for you. Worth the money!

How do I choose a kickboxing and mixed martial arts shin guard?

A kickboxing shin guard is very similar to a Muay Thai shin guard.
The kickboxing and Muay Thai shin guard are virtually interchangeable.
Shin guards Revgear has the protection you need for daily trainig boxing. kickboxing.
Boxing shop Revgear near you in Miami - Fight Trade.

  • Shin guards for boxer beginner and more expert kickboxers;
  • Best elements of Muay Thai Style shin guards with classic MMA designs;
  • Revgear have developed shin guard to meet the needs of the modern martial arts fighter;
  • These shin guards are light weight;
  • Feature a double pad to the front, slowing impact of both kicks and checks;
  • Protective level as many Muay Thai shin guards;
  • Shin Guards without the inhibition of the free movement required for MMA;
  • Shinguard whilst providing enough protection for kickboxing;
  • Shin guards for sparring then this is the perfect option for you whether its for mixed martial arts, Muay Thai or Kickboxing.