Technical Features Boxing Gloves Fairtex BGV9 & Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop

Jul 07, 2023

Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Style Gloves designed for heavy punch.

Boxing gloves Fairtex BGV9 is one of the popular models hardes gloves for kickboxing & boxing on the martial arts market.
Fairtex Gloves generally have really hard padding. Padding foam BGV9 is one of them. This gloves is crafted with care. The inner part is not bulky yet it is solid. You are making a punch you lose less energy. Boxers use this pair for heavy bag training workouts and mitts.

Technical features boxing gloves Fairtex BGV9:

  • Material: premium full grain cowhide leather. The leather does not get much deformation during heavy bag training;
  • Padding: 2-layer High Impact foam. Thanks to the hard padding you can hear a clear “pop” and you can tell whether you are punching right or not. The padding does not get soften with time and it does not lose its quality. The padding barely movesю. The stiff padding protects hands;
  • The gloves are not heavy so does not affect training performance;
  • Lining: water repellent nylon;
  • Closure: wide velcro wrist closure;
  • Extra long cuff;
  • Contoured hand compartment;
  • This gloves has an attached curved-thumb design;
  • Gloves has quite good stitching and construction, it is a huge plus;
  • Fairtex BGV9 can last 3+ years;
  • Secure and snug fit;
  • Perfect for heavy hitters;
  • Gloves for sparring and bag work;
  • Handmade in Thailand.

But it also has some disadvantages as well. Let's compare boxing gloves BGV9 with gloves Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop.
1. The fit on the hand of Fairtex BGV9 gloves is not as tight as that of Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop.


2. There is a fixing elastic band in the wrist area of the gloves. The size of the gum is smaller than that of Cleto. This does not affect the quality of the gloves and the quality of work in these gloves.
But during the use of BGV9 gloves, this elastic band does not give a feeling of squeezing. The elastic band on Cleto gloves is much larger and gives a squeezing feeling when landing AND when you put the gloves on your hands.


3. BGV9 gloves have less bulky foam padding than sec gloves. And BGV9 gloves have a more pressed-in padding.

4. Inside in the area of the wrist and up to the middle of the palm of the cleto, the padding is the same.

5. The Fairtex BGV9 glove does not have additional padding on the upper part of the cuff in the wrist area. The top of the seal wrist cuff is a sturdy construction but with less foam padding.


Description and review of Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training Gloves with gloves Fairtex BGV9.

  • Boxing gloves with a snug fit on the hand;
  • Much tighter fit than the gloves Fairtex BGV9;
  • From above the cuff of the glove has an additional padding completely over the entire area of the wrist from above;
  • Cleto gloves has a wide elastic band in the palm area more than Fairtex;
  • Boxing gloves give a feeling of greater density when landing on the hand;
  • Inside in the area of the wrist and up to the middle of the palm of the Cleto, the padding is the same as the BGV9;
  • Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop gloves have a more voluminous foam padding;
  • These gloves have really hard padding.

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