What Boxing Equipment Do You Need to Start Boxing?

Jun 16, 2023

You’ve got dreams of learning to boxing or Muay Thai?

Avery fighter should add to their boxing gear arsenal.
You’ll need a solid pair of gloves and other essentials for training.

You need to know about the right choice of boxing equipment.

Boxing Gear & Training Equipment List:
  • Boxing Gloves
    The first you order of business is buying gloves. For protect your hands, from your wrists down to your fingertips.
    Not all boxing gloves are made with the same quality or care. Gloves differ significantly from one another: knuckle protection, wrist support, and overall fit.
    Boxing gloves are measured by the ounce (total weight of the glove). A higher-weight glove has more padding.
    Different weights boxing gloves are useful for different training purposes:
    10 - 12 oz – If you are focusing on heavy bag and pad work, opt for 10, 12 oz gloves. Lighter gloves for focus on delivering punches with speed and precision without sacrificing hand protection.
    14-18 oz – higher-ounce glove is the right choice for you plan on sparring.
    The additional padding means your glove will absorb more force to soften the blow for you and your partner.
There are also additional options to consider boxing gear:
Closure boxing gloves. You can choose a single strap, which is great easy on, easy off
Dual strap, which offers a secure and supportive fit;
Lace-up, which gives you a custom fit (but you need to help put them on).
Wrist Support boxing gloves. Proper wrist support to preventing injury.
  • Hand Wraps
    Hand wraps boxing the first layer of protection before the boxing glove when you’re training. Handwraps for essential for keeping your wrists and knuckles in fighting shape.
    Hand Wraps Elastic secure your wrists and protect your hands.
    Gauze Style Hand Wraps get you professional-level support and protection with a specialized blended fabric. Perfectly bridges the gap between medical-grade gauze and traditional hand wraps.
  • Headgear for sparring with a partner. Headguard helps reduce the risk of scratches and bruising while you train.
  • Mouth Guard provides comfortable impact protection to cushion your mouth, teeth, and gums.
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