How To Choose A Heavy Bag For Martial Arts?

Jun 14, 2023

What type of boxing heavy bag is better to buy?

Heavy bags are made from many different materials materials, sizes, model.
To help decide and choose the right heavy bag you need to know two things:
  1. First, how much do you weigh.
  2. Second, what type of opponent do you want your heavy bag to be?

You will always be fighting an opponent who is about the same size & weight as you are.
Your heavy bag need to simulate that.
This provides a more realistic opponent in the boxing gym.
Also beneficial to have a heavy bag significantly bigger than you.
For work on power punching, strength and physical endurance.
Working with a bag that outweighs you by a decent amount increases the physical demands and offers greater resistance.
You will have to hit it harder to move it.

The size of the heavy bag affects movement
Some opponents move more, while others stand right in front of you.
A lighter bag will swing more and provide you with an opponent who is more of a boxer and mover.
Heavier bag won’t swing as much. It will represent of an fighter who doesn’t move backwards or box much.

Affects the movement of your heavy bag is how the bag is hung.
Your bag will swing more if it mounted from a taller ceiling with a longer chain.
This allows you to step around it, close the distance and counter the bag's movements.

Hanging your heavy bag from a shorter chain will make it swing less. This forces you to work harder to move the bag.
Less movement and more resistance encourages you to throw more punches, the same as a heavier bag.

There are options heavy bag of man-made materials, synthetics and genuine leather.
Leather has traditionally been considered longer-lasting than synthetic leather or reinforced vinyl.
Now technology has come so far in producing higher-grade synthetics.
Quality can be found in a number of materials.

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