How to Stuff an Unfilled Boxing Heavy Bag for Martial Atrs

Jun 14, 2023

Buying an unfilled boxing bag and stuff heavy bag yourself.

A unfilled heavy bag is cheaper. Because you pay less in shipping. You can fill & customize your boxing bag to your own personal preference.

  • You want harder bag - you can fill it more
  • You want it lighter for more movement - you need use less stuffing
  • You want it heavier - add more sandbags to the center

The most basic way to stuffing an unfilled heavy bag.

Gather as many old clothes.
Create a base and top piece out of cardboard or foam.
Put about 6-8 pieces together and secure them with duct tape.
Each one should measure approximately 1” thick.
It helps maintain the bags’ shape and form, from the top and bottom.

After adding your bottom base, start by stuffing about 6” of clothes for your first layer.
Pack them down with a walking stick or pole.
Add the fabric into the gaps that form to fill the space.

After the first 6”, add a sandbag to the center.
You can use a storage sized zip-lock bag, filled 3/4 of the way full and secure it with packing tape.
Every gallon-sized zip-lock bag, filled over halfway with sand will weigh about 5-6lbs.
The sandbags need had cylinder-shaped. So they fit right in the center of the bag and then pack the cloth filling firmly around it.
That way, the sandbags are less prone to shift to the edge and make any hard spots on the bag.

Just keep filling and packing the bag every 10-12”.
Add sandbags as you want, until you achieve the desired weight.
Top your bag off with your second, pre-cut cardboard piece and close it up.
Over time the contents of the bag will settle and will have a smoother look.
You can turn the bag on its side after its complete. Pound down some of the lumpy spots to make the bag shape, more uniform.

You can also find on the Internet video instructions on how to stuff a boxing bag yourself. This video will help you visually quickly understand how to fill a meg for training and practicing boxing punches.
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