Muay Thai in the USA.

Jun 01, 2024

Muay Thai is becoming a popular sport in the USA.

Fight Trade, Co. was founded in 2021. We founded a company to create several projects in combat sports. One of the projects is the Sale of equipment for martial arts.
We analyzed how Muay Thai boxing is developing in the USA. And we found that there is no quality Thai boxing equipment available in the USA. Thai boxing in the USA is developing rapidly and gaining popularity. But novice fighters do not have the opportunity to buy high-quality Muay Thai equipment. This is really a big problem for those who want to practice or are already engaged in this sport.
The company has opened a popular store of goods and equipment for Thai boxing. Fight Trade Store is a major Muay Thai equipment store in the USA. You can visit a boxing store or order Muay Thai equipment online. Fight Trade Store is a Muay Thai store located in Pompano Beach, South Florida. Visit the popular boxing shop for Muay Thai fighters.

Are you looking for where to buy Muay Thai Boxing equipment?

In the USA, you can buy Thai boxing equipment at the Fight Trade store. We sell everything you need for Muay Thai training: Muay Thai Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards, Head Gear, Groin Protection, Thai Pads, Punch Mitts, Belly Pad, Thai Kicking Pads and many more. In the Fight Trade store, you can order equipment for the Thai boxing gym. Free shipping of Muay Thai boxing bags, Heavy Bag and equipment for trainers.

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