Twins Special boxing gloves with Cannabis design

Jun 24, 2024

Boxing Gloves Twins Special FBGVL3-54 Grass Green Fancy.

Famous boxing gloves all over the world. Bright design with cannabis on Twins Special boxing gloves. Fight Trade store in south Florida where you can buy sparring gloves.

  • Gloves with voluminous foam padding to protect your hands;
  • These gloves provide a high-quality and comfortable fit on the hands;
  • The gloves fit snugly to the hand;
  • Short cuff as expected for Muay Thai gloves;
  • Wide, durable Velcro.

You can order gloves for Muay Thai online on the store’s website.
You can also visit the Twins Special boxing gloves store in the USA.

The Fight Trade store has a large selection of gloves for working on bags, equipment and for working in sparring.

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